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The Microbiology and Molecular Biology Department strongly encourages all majors to participate in an internship or research experience. For questions, please contact the MMBio Department Internship Coordinator, Nancy Morrill, at

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Finding an Internship

Students are responsible for finding their own internships. Some resources for finding internships can be found by clicking the button below, utilizing Handshake, the College of Life Sciences Internships site, online searches, etc. 

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Getting Credit

Once accepted to an internship applicable to their field of study, Microbiology and Molecular Biology students may apply for credit and enroll in MMBIO 399R. Students may take up to 12 credits hours, but only four credit hours can count toward the major. Students may apply for credit through the BYU Internship Office.

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Funding Your Internship

There are several funding opportunities available to students for internships. Please click the button below to learn about the grants provided by the College of Life Sciences and the MMBio Department.

The Medical Laboratory Science program requires students to complete MMBIO 496R, which is a six month internship in a clinical facility.