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The Microbiology and Molecular Biology Department encourages all MMBio majors to participate in any of the department clubs. Clubs are a great opportunity to build professional connections, create lasting relationships, and make a difference by serving in the campus community.

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MMBio Club

To build connections, create research opportunities, and prepare for postgraduate programs and careers.

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The Enlightenment Society

We promote the acquisition of knowledge and hope to revive the sentiments born during the original Age of Enlightenment. By sharing our unique passions with those who may have very different interests than our own, we hope to ignite a spark of curiosity among our members in a variety of topics. In doing so, bridges of understanding and respect will be built between ourselves and those with differing perspectives. We strive to emulate the patterns of our various enlightened predecessors such as Voltaire, John Locke, Adam Smith, Edmund Burke, Thomas Paine, and others as we create a unified yet diverse society, whose richness and uniqueness will provide a judgment-free setting of openness, enjoyment, and enhanced learning for all involved.

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Life Sciences Graduate Club

Meeting Life Science graduate student needs for Social/Service, Career Networking, and Collaboration-Resource Sharing with monthly activities.

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Undergraduate Research and Internship Club

The purpose of our Club is to ultimately become a stable resource for students who don’t know how to get involved in research or other experiential learning opportunities.

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BYU Pre-Genetic Counseling Club

To provide students with resources and exposure to the genetic counseling field in order to aid in the successful admittance into genetic counseling programs.

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Medical Laboratory Science

To unite past, current, and future MLS students to foster a rich and informed learning environment to prepare students for their future MLS careers and further education. To promote BYU’s Medical Laboratory Science program as a major. To peer-mentor rising MLS classes in program/career issues. To network with other members/schools in the ASCLS-Utah chapter. To educate the BYU community in the field of Medical Laboratory Sciences by hosting guest lectures.

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Operation Outbreak

Operation Outbreak (OO) enhances experiential learning by teaching students the results from various decisions that are made during an outbreak. Through a Bluetooth-based platform and related methods, OO will enable BYU undergraduate students to facilitate outbreak simulations in K-12 schools, generate epidemiological models for scientists, and allow researchers to better understand outbreak culture.