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Scholarships and Grants

MMBio Undergraduate Scholarships 2024-25

The MMBio Department provides tuition scholarships for eligible undergraduate students. Students must first seek funding through the University and the College. Please click the button below to access the eligibility information and application.

Application deadline is February 1, 2024

MMBio Undergraduate Scholarship Application

MMBio Masters Scholarships 2024-25

The MMBio Department is currently developing the application for masters student scholarships. Please check back here periodically for any updates.

Application and deadline information - TBA

MMBio Experiential Learning Grant

Experiential learning grants are awarded to help fund activities that may include research projects, study abroad, or internships. Applications are reviewed shortly after the deadlines listed below and must correspond to a specific semester (Winter, Spring/Summer, or Fall) during which the experience will take place. One-semester award amounts may range from $500 to $1,000 in the form of a scholarship. Applications require endorsement from an MMBio faculty mentor or other advisor. Awards are granted to those who provide compelling justifications, including the value of the experience for intellectual development, career preparation, or impacts on the community. Experiences that involve original scholarship, forming connections with scientists/practitioners outside of BYU, or innovative community outreach are especially encouraged. Consideration is also given to the financial need of the student applicant. Additional information is included in the application. Click the button below for the application to apply.

Application Deadlines
December 1st – for Winter experiences
April 1st – for Spring/Summer experiences
August 1st – for Fall experiences
**If the deadline falls on a weekend, applications will still be accepted the next business day.

MMBio Experiential Learning Grant Application

Life Sciences Internship Travel Grant

Students who are seeking aid in travel costs for their internships may apply to receive funding from the MMBio Department and the College of Life Sciences. The College will typically match up to $400 for domestic and $600 for international travel. MMBio students are encouraged to apply for this grant instead of the Experiential Learning Grant (above) to help fund their internships because they may receive a larger award due to the College match. Click the button below for the application to apply.

Application Deadlines
December 1st – for Winter internships
April 1st – for Spring internships
June 1st – for Summer internships
August 1st – for Fall internships

Life Sciences Internship Travel Grant Application