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Medical Laboratory Science

How can we better detect disease and help doctors find the best treatment for their patients? Medical Laboratory Scientists are health care professionals who conduct special diagnostic tests in a lab to help discover the presence or absence of disease and provide important data that physicians use in diagnosing and treating their patients.

The Medical Laboratory Science degree provides a curriculum to train students to practice medical laboratory science in diagnostic laboratories or other health care related settings. Successful completion of the program qualifies the student to sit for certification examinations.

Students declare a Pre-MLS Major and are accepted into the program in their Junior year. Once in the program, students have two semesters of intensive coursework after which they intern in a clinical facility for six months. The program in medical laboratory science is accredited by the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences. Program graduates are eligible for a national certification examination.

Medical Laboratory Science Major Snippet

MLS Admittance Rates

2013-2014: 98%
2014-2015: 72%
2015-2016: 69%
2016-2017: 88%
2017-2018: 96%

ASCP Board of Certification Exam for MLS Graduates

YearNumber TakingNational AverageBYU AveragePercentage Passed

Graduate Job Placement Rates: 100% since 2015