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MMBio Study Abroad Programs

Plague Penicillin and Pasteur: Microbiology in Europe

Jenny's Video.MP4

Video courtesy of Jenny Bean, student who attended the Plague, Penicillin, and Pasteur program in summer 2023.

This study abroad program focuses on the historical and applied aspects of microbiology and molecular biology. Students will visit London, Cambridge, Nottingham, Amsterdam, Delft, Paris, Dijon, and Geneva as part of the study abroad. Click the link below to learn more.

MMBio Europe Study Abroad Information

The History of Women: Scientific EXXcellence in Europe

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If you are interested in the history of science, women’s contributions, or in supporting women in their ambitions, this study abroad is for you! Join us in a European exploration into how politics, custom, and society shaped the lives of early female scientists, and how these individuals worked to overcome obstacles and break the barriers of scientific thought. Along the way, we will discuss dynamics of Latter-day Saint families with either spouse in science. We will visit memorials, museums, and local sites in six countries, including London, Paris, Berlin, Warsaw, Krakow, Florence, and Rome. We encourage men, women, and couples to apply!

The History of Women: Scientific EXXcellence Information

Identifying Emerging Disease in India


This program focuses on studying antibiotic-resistant genes to understand emerging disease. Students will visit India where many of the antibiotic-resistant genes evolve due to the high population and the presence of antibiotics in the local rivers and lakes from antibiotic production factories. Click the links below to learn more.

MMBio India Study Abroad Information

India 2022 Trip Highlights

Photo Credits:
Smith, John. Photograph of London’s Tower Bridge, 7 Dec. 2017. Pexels,
Hussain, Syed Shah. Photograph of the Taj Majal. 10 Nov. 2018, Pexels,