MRSA Research Gets Personal
After it cost his father his leg, undergraduate Jacob Hatch is working with Dr. Berges to tackle MRSA, a highly resistant hospital bacteria, with bacteriophage. Read about it here!
New Undergraduate Website
Check out our newly designed website! Explore new videos introducing the department and topics in the field, our majors and career ideas, and lab websites for research opportunities.
MMBIO 121 - General Biology: Health and Diseases
MMBIO 121 - General Biology: Health and Diseases
Yes, this is the class everyone is talking about. Anyone interested in any medical field should take this class.

See MMBIO academic advisor Marcia Richards (4010 LSB) for more information.


Seminar - Allen Showalter

Plant Cell Wall Biosynthesis and DNA Barcoding of Medicinal Plants
Thursday, October 27, 2016
2102 LSB

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