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Scholarships and Grants

Check out some of the amazing scholarships and grants available to our MMBio Students!

MMBio Experiential Learning Grant

To be eligible for the MMBio Experiential Learning Grant, you must have secured (or are currently applying for) an experience that will support your academic and career goals. Also, you have not received another grant or scholarship from the MMBio Department for the same semester or term that you're applying for. Preference is given to students whose experience is more applicable to their field of study as well as financial hardship. The Experiential Learning Grant is awarded on a rolling basis beginning in January. Apply as early as possible to secure the funding. Click the button below for the application to apply.

MMBio Experiential Learning Grant Application

Internship Travel Grant

Students who are are seeking aid in travel costs for their internships may apply to receive funding from the MMBio department and the College of Life Sciences. The college typically matches the department's award. Click the button below for the application to apply.

Life Sciences Internship Travel Grant Application

MMBio Departmental Scholarships 2020-21

Students applying for departmental scholarships are strongly encouraged to FIRST seek funding through the University and College . Students having first applied for scholarships through the general university system will be given priority for departmental scholarships. Students receiving partial funding through other scholarships, such as half tuition scholarships, are eligible for additional funding (not to exceed the cost of full tuition) through departmental scholarships. To simplify the process, the applications for college and department-level scholarships have been combined. You can access them at .

Application deadline is February 1st.

MMBio Department Scholarship Application

To be eligible for a MMBio Department scholarship, you must be enrolled as a MMBio student (officially declared on your transcript). There are six different MMBio scholarships available. The guidelines for awarding some scholarships are very general in nature. The guidelines for distributing other scholarship monies are highly targeted to students pursuing very specify interests. Please read the description of each scholarship carefully to make sure you qualify.

  • Thomas Myers Scholarship. Undergraduate or graduate students majoring in Microbiology or related field are eligible.
  • Ekeroth Scholarship. Juniors and seniors in Microbiology are eligible.
  • Sagers Scholarship. Juniors and seniors in Microbiology and Molecular Biology are eligible.
  • Johnson Scholarship. This scholarship has been set up specifically “For the purpose of supporting research and scientific investigation in the area of virus infections, discover methods to prevent Aleutian disease in mink, investigate the nature of human viral infections, and methods of control and prevention.”
  • Chen Scholarship. This scholarship has specific requirements: Juniors and seniors are eligible (graduate students may also apply). This scholarship is intended for students studying nutritional immunology. Microbiology and Molecular Biology majors may apply. Student must have a 3.3 or higher GPA. If there are insufficient, qualified applicants whose research is in the area of nutritional immunology, awards may be made for selected students engaged in other immunology or nutrition associated research. Those receiving awards shall be eligible for awards in more than one academic year. No more than a total of four semesters.
  • Anderson-Young. For one or more selected students who are pursuing a degree in Medical Laboratory Science (MLS) and having been accepted into the MLS Program.

The MMBio Department is pleased to have the opportunity to use these funds to assist students in gaining an education while at BYU. The department hopes that MMBio students, who benefit from the sacrifice and kindness of these donors, will commit themselves to a life of service.