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Stacy Marie Allington

Bachelor of Science, Microbiology


Briefly tell us about yourself (e.g. hometown, family, hobbies, favorite BYU courses, intended profession)

I am from Kirkland, WA. I enjoy running, reading, cooking, and playing the piano. My favorite BYU course has probably been Organic Chemistry lab because of the hands-on experience. My intended profession is doctor of pharmacy.

Who were your greatest supporters while earning this degree?

My greatest supporters were my parents and my husband. They celebrated my successes and were there to build me up when I went through hard times.

What advice do you have for incoming freshmen at BYU?

Get into research as early as you can. Not only will this give you experience in a field you might be interested in, but it gives you a hand up on others who are seeking internships or job after graduation.

How has your experience at BYU prepared you for the rest of your life?

It has given my the tools to stick to my standards, both in an informal and professional setting.