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Lucy Christena Bowden

Bachelor of Science, Microbiology


Briefly tell us about yourself (e.g. hometown, family, hobbies, favorite BYU courses, intended profession)

I grew up in Iowa, served a mission in Poland, and then came to BYU. During my time here I have discovered that I love research and rock climbing. I'm excited to start graduate school in the fall!

Who were your greatest supporters while earning this degree?

My mom and my husband.

What advice do you have for incoming freshmen at BYU?

Take advantage of all the amazing opportunities to learn about things that interest you and to try new things.

How has your experience at BYU prepared you for the rest of your life?

My time at BYU has given me the opportunity to identify my passions and to try new things. I've learned how to utilize time and work towards important goals.