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Carl Christian Gray

Bachelor of Science, Microbiology


Briefly tell us about yourself (e.g. hometown, family, hobbies, favorite BYU courses, intended profession)

I am from Kaysville Utah, I enjoy Skiing and mountain biking, favorite courses have been Virology and Infection and Immunity I am planning on attending medical School.

Who were your greatest supporters while earning this degree?

My Wife, my Parents and my Grandparents

What advice do you have for incoming freshmen at BYU?

Never expect anything for certain at any time your entire life can be uprooted by a pandemic and the entire world around you changed. Be adaptable and ready for any challenges in the future.

How has your experience at BYU prepared you for the rest of your life?

I have learned that there is nothing worth learning and doing that you are not committed to putting your entire effort into the value of experience and education comes from an internal desire to make it personal and beneficial.