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Audra Desiree Packard

Bachelor of Science, Microbiology


Briefly tell us about yourself (e.g. hometown, family, hobbies, favorite BYU courses, intended profession)

I am from San Luis Obispo, California. I love hiking, backpacking, reading, and baking. My favorite courses at BYU were virology and Phage Hunters! In July, I will be starting classes at Touro University to become a physician's assistant!

Who were your greatest supporters while earning this degree?

My greatest supporters were my family, especially my parents and grandparents, as well as friends and roommates. I am also incredibly grateful for all of the help and support I received from BYU faculty and staff members.

What advice do you have for incoming freshmen at BYU?

Figure out what you love and are passionate about and then pursue it!

How has your experience at BYU prepared you for the rest of your life?

My experience at BYU has prepared me for my future career by teaching me to work hard and to develop empathy for those around me.