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Lab Personnel

David Erickson
David Erickson | @bactpath
Associate Professor of Microbiology and Molecular Biology
B.Sc. Biochemistry, University of Lethbridge
Ph.D., Bacterial Pathogenesis, University of Calgary
Interested in the molecular biology of bacterial interactions with their hosts.
Michael Olson
Michael Olson
PhD Candidate
From Ephraim, UT
Characterizing Escherichia coli strains and their virulence factors needed in mammary glands and avian airway infections
Nick Christman
Undergraduate, Microbiology major
From: Rexburg, ID
Studying ExPEC virulence factors
Rachael LeBaron
Rachel LeBaron
Undergraduate, Microbiology major
From Las Vegas, NV
Identifying genes needed for capsule synthesis in ExPEC
Nick Petersen
Nick Peterson
Undergraduate, Microbiology major
From Portland, OR
Investigating growth requirements of E. coli mastitis strains
Seth Durrant
no pic
Undergraduate, Biochemistry major
From: San Fransisco, CA
Studying genetic basis of gallium resistance
Kevin Mock
Undergraduate, Microbiology major
From Katy, TX
Studying how ExPEC avoid being killed by neutrophils
Bronwyn Meldrum
Undergraduate, Biology major
From Lancaster, PA
Nick Hofmann
Undergraduate, molecular biology major
From Tulsa, OK
Andy VanDomelen
Undergraduate, biology major
From Portland, OR
Alex Kimberling
Undergraduate, microbiology major
From Stansbury, UT
Hannah Cox
Undergraduate, Clinical Laboratory Science premajor
From Orem, UT
Lizzy Gipson
Lizzy Gibson
Undergraduate, Microbiology major
From Maple Valley, WA
Studying biofilms and growth patterns of mastitis E. coli strains
Josh Calder - Alumni
Undergraduate, Microbiology major
From Bountiful, UT
Studying an outer membrane lipoprotein involved in Yersinia biofilms
Grace West - Alumni
Undergraduate, Microbiology major
From Louisville, KY
Studying avian pathogenic E. coli strains
Aleksander Grimsrud - Alumni
Undergraduate, Microbiology major
From Apex, NC
Studying genomes of avian and mastitis E. coli strains