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Lab Personnel


Eric Wilson

Principal Investigator
Ph.D., Immunology
(Montana State, 2000)
M.S., Parasitology
(Utah State, 1994)
B.S., Medical Technology
(Utah State, 1990)
From: Utah

Shalee Carlson

Lab Manager
B.S., Animal Science
(Utah State, 2014)
M.S., Microbiology & Molecular Biology
(Brigham Young, 2020)
I'm working to create Tn-Seq libraries in mastitis specific S. aureus strains.
From: Meridian, Idaho

Tyler Brown

Graduate Student
B.S., Biotechnology
(Brigham Young - ID, 2020)
I research Staphylococcus aureus iron acquisition pathways used in the mastitic host environment.
From: Inkom, Idaho

Daniel Johnson

Graduate Student
B.S., Biology
(Park University, 2020)
I am working to understand the establishment of E. Coli populations in the poultry gut microbiome.
From Kansas City, Missouri


Kate Barker

Undergraduate Student
B.S., Medical Laboratory Science
I'm working on idenifying Anisakidae species using PCR.
From: Provo, Utah

Chris Nelson

Undergraduate Student
B.S., Microbiology
I'm developing a PCR test to easily identify different types of parasites in fish.
From: Grand Junction, Colorado