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Lab Personnel

Eric Wilson
Principal Investigator
Ph.D., Immunology, MSU, '00
M.S., Parasitology, USU, '94
B.S., Medical Technology, USU, '90
From: Utah
Kaitlyn Vance
Undergraduate Student
B.S., Medical Lab Science
I immunize mice with different adjuvants in an attempt to localize immune responses in specific mucosal tissues.
From: Wylie, Texas
Wade McDaniel
Undergraduate Student
B.S., Microbiology
I am studying the antimicrobial properties of the chemokine CCL28.
From: Weston, Florida
Sara Mason
Undergraduate Student
B.S., Molecular Biology
I'm trying to detect CCL28 in vivo.
From: Bountiful, Utah
Brittany Kartchner
Undergraduate Student
B.S., Microbiology
Studying mechanism of CCL28 binding and antimicrobial effect on bacteria.
From: Atlanta, Georgia
Cameron Sargent
Undergraduate Student
B.S., Molecular Biology
Lymphocyte homing and general coolness
From: Littleton, Colorado