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Lab Personnel


Eric Wilson

Principal Investigator
Ph.D., Immunology (MSU, 2000)
M.S., Parasitology (USU, 1994)
B.S., Medical Technology (USU, 1990)
From: Utah

Shalee Carlson

Lab Supervisor
B.S., Animal Science (USU, 2014)
M.S., Microbiology and Molecular Biology (BYU, 2019)
Currently I'm working to create Tn-Seq libraries in mastitis specific S. aureus strains.
From: Meridian, Idaho

Tyler Brown

Graduate Student
B.S., Biotechnology, BYU-I, 2020
I research Staphylococcus aureus iron acquisition pathways used in the mastitic host environment.
From: Inkom, Idaho

Kate Barker

Undergraduate Student
B.S., Medical Laboratory Science
I'm working on idenifying Anisakidae species using PCR.
From: Provo, Utah