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Stutz HL, Shiozawa DK, Evans RP. 2010. Inferring dispersal of aquatic invertebrates from genetic variation: a comparative study of an amphipod and mayfly in Great Basin springs. Journal of the North American Benthological Society. 29(3):1132-1147.

Metcalf JW, Pritchard VL, Silvestri SM, Jenkins JB, Wood JS, Cowley DE, Evans RP, Shiozawa DK, Martin AP. 2007. Across the great divide: Genetic forensics reveals misidentification of endangered cutthroat trout populations. Molecular Ecology. 16(21):4445-4454.

Shiozawa DK, Evans RP, Unmack PJ, Johnson A, Mathis J. 2011. Cutthroat Trout Phylogenetic Relationships With An Assessment Of Associations Among Several Subspecies. Carline, R.F., and C. LoSapio, editors. Bozeman, MT: USDA Forest Service.

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