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Davis Lab

Mary Davis

The Davis lab is statistical genetics lab and harnesses the power of electronic medical records (EMR) for investigating the genetic causes of complex human diseases. The main projects in the lab focus on multiple sclerosis (MS), an autoimmune disease. MS is a true complex disease, both in terms of risk factors and clinical presentation. Environmental and genetic risk factors are known to be involved, but many of them are a mystery. Additionally, patients with MS experience a variety of symptoms, disability levels, and responses to treatments. We mine EMR data, both structured and narrative text, to identify clinical traits of MS patients. With this information, we work to better understand the effect of genetic variation on MS, especially in the variable disease courses experienced by patients. Through this work, we hope to increase understanding of MS and provide better avenues for therapy of the disease.

If interested in a research position please send a current (unofficial) transcript, CV or resume, and a description of your educational interests and goals. Preferred undergraduate researchers will have completed at least two of the following classes or their equivalent:

  • Stat 121
  • MMBio 121
  • CS 23
  • PWS 340
  • MMBio 240
  • Bio 165
  • MMBio 463
  • Bio 463